Simple Feng Shui and A Few Tips

In recent times, Feng Shui has grown in popularity in the West and around the world.  Corporations such as Coca Cola, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Proctor Gamble, have used Feng Shui in their corporate buildings.  Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey employ their own personal Feng Shui Consultants. 

Feng Shui is the Chinese system of living in harmony the environment.  At its core is the principal of Qi, pronounced “chee.”  Qi is the invisible energy that runs through all things – animate and inanimate.  In order to live a healthy and abundant life, you need a healthy flow of qi in and around your home.

Qi is energy, and when it’s absent, your life is blocked and filled with obstacles.  Employing the basic principles of balance and flow in your environment not only creates a visually and emotionally appealing space, it allows you to feel grounded and comfortable.  It’s like acupuncture for your home, unblocking stagnate energy and revitalizing your environment.

Feng Shui is based on the principle that people lead healthier and more abundant lives when their environment is in balance.  I tell clients that when they increase their enjoyment of their home, they’ll increase their enjoyment of their lives!

A Few Basic Tips

Create good qi in all areas of your home.  If don’t have a favorable attachment to an object in your home, you won’t feel good when you see it.  So remove it.  Fill your home with things you love and uplift your spirits.  Love is a very powerful emotion and creates good qi.

Open the windows throughout your home and let fresh air in!  This is a simple yet powerful way to create healthy energy throughout your home.

Let the sun shine in!  Don’t keep your home too dark.  This creates yin energy which is stagnate energy.  Too much yin is like too much clutter.

Fix everything in your home that is in need of repair or is broken or chipped. 

Remove dead plants outside and keep plants inside trimmed and healthy. 

Declutter your home.  Clutter prevents the flow of good qi and instead creates stagnate qi. 

Because your bedroom is very important in supporting your health it is a priority.  Generally, it’s best to place your bed along the longest wall of the room so you’ll feel supported.  It’s best to face the doorway.  Avoid placing your bed against a wall with a toilet directly behind it because it creates negative energy.  And if the room adjoins a bathroom, keep the bathroom door closed while you sleep.

Have questions or need more information?  Leave a comment here.

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