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Feng Shui 101 – Creating Coziness and Comfort

Do you find yourself drawn to certain places in your home more than others? Is there an area where you feel particularly relaxed?  Maybe it’s a nook in the bedroom or a reading chair in the living room.  Odds are, its architectural features and its interior décor are in balance.  Balance in a space signals safety and security which you feel on an unconscious level.  When you feel safe, you can relax.  Balance is the essence of Feng Shui. When good Feng Shui is coupled with good design, an environment is naturally cozy, relaxing, and appealing. 

 What makes a room cozy and comfortable? 

1.  Size of the room.

2.  Ceiling height.

3.  Proportion of windows to walls.

4.  Amount of natural light.

5.  Outside noise.

6.  Floor plan.

7.  Furniture Placement.

8.  Interior Décor.

Although some of these qualities can’t eliminated, Feng Shui Design Principles can significantly change the feel of a room.  Your choice of wall color, furniture arrangement, lighting, and furniture placement can transform a cold and uninviting space into a cozy, beckoning nest.  

Next time….using Feng Shui to balance these areas.

Home Trends – Cozier, More Efficient, and Greener

For many home buyers here in Austin, Texas, and around the country, their next home will be smaller than their current home.  Buyers are willing to eliminate some of the most popular features of homes built five years ago which include media rooms and extra bedrooms. These changes are dictated in large part by the uncertain economy, and the green-living movement.  In large part, we’re getting back to cozy and soulful homes and away from cavernous structures.

The new trend for home buyers is toward energy-efficient, cozy homes which focus more on living areas- including outdoor areas- rather than on individual rooms.   And if you’re staying put in your current home this year, you may want to make some of these improvements to add more comfort and efficiency to your home.

1.  Roomy kitchens, with a center island and granite counter-tops. Trends include induction cooking (30% more efficient than gas or electric) and stone composite sinks that are more durable and easier to keep clean than stainless sinks.  Stone composite sinks also have a cleaner look because they’re built into a countertop.

2.  Green features like energy-efficient appliances, efficient insulation, high window insulation efficiency and ceiling fans.  Better insulated refrigerators and environmentally friendly cabinetry are trending.  Though widely available abroad, dual-flush toilets—with separate mechanisms to handle liquid or solid waste—are gaining attention here, says Lenora Campos with Toto USA, a leading toilet manufacturer.

3.  A home office or study area in place of a formal dining room.  People use home offices so much more than formal dining rooms!

4.   A master bedroom on first floor.  This is particularly in demand for baby-boomers who don’t want to subject themselves to the daily stairs. Laundry rooms on the first floor.

5.   Oversize showers with seating areas and soaker tubs.

 6.  Outdoor living areas with all the coziness of an indoor area.  This is made possible with outdoor carpets, weather-proof artwork and outdoor draperies for privacy.

7.  Neutral color palettes such as white and beige or gray and pink, with bold accents.  Neutral earth tones offer serenity, enlarge a small space, and create coziness and warmth.  Pink, especially with a pearlized finish, is popular as an accent because of its perceived healing power.  It’s also a fire element in Feng Shui and adds warmth to a space.

Feng Shui Can Create Tangible Results Every Time

Do you think of Feng Shui as a vehicle to bring better things into your life?  Have you used Feng Shui in the hope of finding more money, a new love interest or better health?  Feng Shui may indeed be able to effect positive changes in your life but unfortunately there’s no scientific evidence of its results.  One can easily pose the question, “Did I get a promotion because of a Feng Shui cure I implemented or was it just a coincidence?”  Feng Shui is a metaphysical study and because its efficacy can’t be qualified, many people dismiss it or think of it as a “wu-wu” or new-age practice. 

There is a way to use Feng Shui which presents tangible, direct results using one of the original precepts of Feng Shui  – balancing energy.  Rather than focusing on putting special Feng Shui cures or symbols in certain locations as widely practiced, using Feng Shui to balance energy is practical and results-oriented.  In essence, it’s a paradigm shift from hoping that you can effect a change in your life circumstances to feeling a tangible change in your immediate environment.

Using Feng Shui to balance energy is also a holistic and subtle way of effecting positive changes.  Feeling comfortable at home supports your health.  Less stress can make you open to more opportunity and inspiration.  When you feel uncomfortable in an environment it most likely means that the energy is unbalanced.  Most of us know when we feel good or not-so-good in certain spaces, but we may not know all the reasons why.  Feng Shui principals regarding yin and yang, the five elements, placement and form explain why.  That is the essence of authentic Feng Shui.

Energy causes an environment to feel comfortable or uncomfortable.  For example, if a room feels cold and sterile, the energy is out of balance.  The correct elements are needed to bring the room into balance.  A room that is dark and feels stifling needs balancing to create vibrancy and spaciousness.  Rearranging your home changes its energy.  By quantifying room usage, the innate energy in the room, and the elements that are lacking or in surplus, a room can be re-arranged to feel completely different. 

You’ll feel a palpable change in energy in a space after redesigning it with Feng Shui. 

Using Feng Shui to correct energy imbalances in a space is practical and doesn’t rely on special Feng Shui cures.  Making a space more balanced and comfortable so that it positively affects your ability to relax makes sense.  A cozy room benefits your mind, body and spirit.  Using Feng Shui in this way can arguably help you make more money, find a new love interest, or increase your health.  These outcomes can result from the balanced, comfortable energy you feel in your environment which is different from using symbols and cures that people associate with Feng Shui.  When you move your stuff around, you are creating a tangible energy change and are tapping into the power of authentic Feng Shui.