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Feng Shui 101- 10 More Simple Ways to Create a Comfortable Bedroom

According to the ancient art and science of Feng Shui, your bedroom has a significant impact on your health and well-being.  It’s important that you feel cozy and relaxed in the space.  Create comfort by personalizing the space with your favorite things. When you invest in creating a comfortable bedroom you’ll be better able to deal with daily stressors.

Ten Ideas for Creating a More Comfortable Bedroom

1-Pets are comforting and warm to sleep with – they can help you relax.  

 2-To create a feeling of warmth, add accessories in fire colors.  Fire colors are red, purple, orange, and pink.  Use at least three items of the same color in the room to ensure harmony.

3- As you get into and out of your bed, you should step on a soft, warm floor.  If your floor is cold and hard,  place a soft area rug under the bed or on each side of the bed.

4- Use different types of lighting in the bedroom to create a tranquil mood.  It’s practical to have one overhead light to use when you need to light up the whole room, but don’t use it on a nightly basis. Place a three-way reading lamp on each side of the bed. If you can find lamps that have the switch on the base of the lamp they’ll be a lot easier to turn on and off from bed. 

5-Hanging a strand or two of Christmas lights creates warmth and ambience.  A favorite scented candle can help you relax. And Himalyan Salt Lamps add a warm glow.

6-To create a cocoon-like protected feeling hang drapery panels on each side of your windows in a sumptuous material like Dupioni Silk or Velvet. (You can add panels even if you already have Roman Shades or blinds).

7- Personlize your space by creating an altar or a sacred space.  You can create an altar with things you value.  It can be a spiritual space or a place to create your intentions such as being in a healthy relationship or in a healthy body. If you don’t have room for another flat surface in the room, create it on your wall!

8- Have a “comfort” basket or drawer next to your bed that’s filled with things that relax you.  An inspirational book, a shell from your favorite beach, moisturizer, a pad and a pen, and a relaxing CD can be included.

9-Always have an extra blanket on the foot of your bed.  You don’t have to use it, but it helps give you a grounded feeling and you’ll be better able to relax.

10- Put photos of you and your partner in the bedroom.  Friends and family photos can be displayed in other areas of your home.

Questions or comments?  I’d love to hear from you!

Feng Shui 101 – Why is it best to have your bedroom in back of your home?

Feng Shui involves more than most people realize.  Traditional Feng Shui examines different aspects of your home and one of the most important details is your floor plan.

So why is it best to have your bedroom at the back of your home?  It’s because it follows the most basic of Feng Shui Principles – the principal of Yin and Yang. (See Yin/Yang Page for more info).  Yin and yang are the two opposing universal forces which balance each other.  This is an important aspect of Feng Shui and here’s why.

Ying corresponds to stillness and tranquil energy.  Yang corresponds to activity and moving energy.  In your home, rooms that should be more yin are the rooms you want to relax in -bedrooms, reading, and mediation areas.  Usually, the back of the house is quieter because it is shielded from the street activity and it will naturally be more yin.   Wherever the quietest, least active areas are in your home will have yin energy.

What if your bedroom faces the street?  That’s okay.  In Feng Shui, there are lots of ways to make a space work better.  When you can’t change the floorplan, do what you can do — decorate to create more yin energy.  That includes:

  • Installing light-blocking cellular shades
  • Hanging heavy-weight curtains (velvet is a good choice)
  • Using subdued patterns on bedding and in artwork
  • Adding an area rug to ground the energy
  • Keeping fire colors to a minimum.  Fire colors are red, orange, pink and purple.
  • Adding “white noise” to quiet the space

When you walk into your bedroom or meditation area, you want to be able to drop the stress in your shoulders and feel relaxed.  The more yin energy the room exudes, the easier you’ll be able to do so.