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Feng Shui 101- Ten Tips for Decorating your Living Room

A living room is a place for both comfort and connection. The arrangement of your living room should want to make you plop down and relax. The room should be open and welcoming as well as cozy enough to encourage conversation. The furniture arrangement should allow for easy traffic flow.

Feng Shui Tips for Harmony and Comfort

1. If your living room is open and loft-like use area rugs and furniture arrangement to create designated areas for each function.

2. The arrangement of your furniture should be conducive to conversation. Create a traditional conversation area with a comfortable couch with a coffee table, side tables, and lighting. Arrange the furniture in a semi-circle.

3. If your floor plan doesn’t allow for you to place your couch against a wall, create a faux wall by placing a console table behind the couch. In Feng Shui, it’s best to have a wall behind you when you are sitting or laying down.

4. A color palette consisting of two or three of your favorite wall colors and one or more neutral colors works well. 

5. Select table lamps that have three wattages (3-way lighting) to give you options for creating ambiance.

6. If you watch television in the room, it’s best to have the most comfortable seating across from the television.  Place the media center and couch first when arranging the space.

7. Don’t place a couch or chair with its back facing the main entryway of the room unless you have no other options.

8. Remember that what you see outside the room becomes part of the inside. If your view is abundant with trees, you’ll be bringing the color green into the room and it becomes part of the color palette.

9. Choose paint colors and furniture first. Add an area rug that matches the color of the couch and neutral-colored window treatments.  Complete with art and accessories. 

10. Artwork on the walls is a great way to feel grounded and focused.  Similarly, window treatments like drapery panels will create grounding and a feeling of coziness.

Most of all, enjoy your living room and have fun redecorating! 


Interior Decorating 101 – Connecting to Inspiration

Interior decorating can be frightening to many people.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of decisions that need to be made when designing a new space. Many of my clients run successful businesses and juggle daily home and career responsibilities yet when it comes to choosing paint-colors they freeze and get into overwhelm.  They’re afraid of making a wrong decision.

The truth is that there is no right way or wrong way to decorate. The most important goal is to create an environment which you feel good in. You can do this in a number of ways such as repurposing what you already have, shopping in thrift stores or buying expensive things. The things don’t matter, the feelings do.  

Have fun. Let things evolve. Not all designs decisions can be made at one time. Take the process one step at a time and make the biggest decisions first and you’ll be amazed at how other decisions magically fall into place.  

The key to creating anything is to act from a place of inner stillness.  When you are still, you can connect you to universal inspiration ~ the goldmine of ideas.  Get quiet, journal, sit in nature, or do whatever works for you in order to get clear about a decision.  Any thoughts about not being creative enough or not being able to do things perfectly are simply not true. You can create an environment that shines your light.   

An easy way to know if something is right for you is to get still and notice how you feel when you look at a color or a piece of furniture.  If you don’t feel happy, it’s not the right thing for you.  If you’re selecting something because you just want to be finished but don’t love your selection you’ll miss out on creating the a space which nourishes and comforts you.  Instead, take your time and fill your environment with things you love.

Anything you want to do in life is possible if you’re open to inspiration.  Inspiration comes from the root “Spirit” and Spirit is truly the root of inspiration.