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Easy Feng Shui Design Tips for a Small Space

In small environments use color and furniture arrangement to keep the space open and energy flowing.   Using the same colors throughout, but in different shades you can create a harmonious space with great Feng Shui.  Using the tips below will help your space feel open and in balance.

1- Think of the whole space as your palette rather than room by room.  Use one neutral color thoroughout the space and add color with accessories.  I recommend Benjamin Moore’s Barely Beige as a great neutral palette for walls.

2- Each room should relate to each other.  Use the same two or three accent colors in each room. Base your accent colors on one pair of complimentay colors.  Here’s an example:  brown, beige, red, and green.  You can slightly use different shades of these colors in different rooms and throw in another color in a room if you want, keeping the same palette and just adding to it.

Complimentary colors are:

 Red & Green  /  Yellow & Purple  /  Blue & Orange

3- Neutral-colored furniture is best for small spaces.  Add vibrancy in a room by using one piece of furniture with color.  For example, if your palette is beige, brown, blue and orange, a good addition to the décor could be a blue chair or an animal-print ottoman.

4- Mirrors are a great way to open up the space.  They are particularly beneficial placed on walls opposite windows so they can reflect the outside.

5- Use size-appropriate furniture for a small space.  Big, bulky, and heavy furniture is inappropriate.  Use lightweight, clean lines, and multifunctional pieces.  To see how a piece of furniture fits in the room before you buy it, use masking tape to outline the furniture on the floor.

6- Add coziness with soft drapery panels, pillows on couches, throw blankets and small area rugs.

7- If you don’t have a foyer by your front door create one by placing a rectangular or circular area rug in front of the door and a console table on the wall closest to the front door with a square or rectangular-shaped piece of art above it.  (A mirror would work well too).

The Five Best Feng Shui Tips Ever

Feng Shui is about balance and flow in an environment.  Balance refers to balancing your environment using furniture, color, lighting, and accessories.  Flow means energy flow – allowing energy to flow easily throughout your environment like a gentle waterway.  Having too much stuff in your environment or blocking energy flow can make you feel blocked in your life.  As a certified Feng Shui consultant, I ensure that my clients follow these basic Feng Shui principles before we do anything else.

 1. Your front door is considered the mouth of your home and a focal point.  Keep your front door clean and keep the front porch free of clutter.  Replace your door mat if it is worn out. Thick door mats with vibrant designs or colors add soul and uplift your energy. Place potted flowers or greenery on each side of the front door to create an inviting feeling.

 2.  Clear your clutter.  It not only gives you an immediate energy boost, but it alleviates stagnation in your life.  Anywhere that clutter accumulates over a period of time results in causing you to feel stuck – professionally, emotionally, or financially.  Keep your closets organized and discard things that you don’t need or haven’t used in a couple years or more.

 3.  Allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home when weather permits. Turn on fans occasionally to circulate air.  Don’t let air stagnate.  The very best Feng Shui tip is simply accomplished by allowing energy to circulate.  Open floor plans allow for this easier than compartmentalized plans. Also – dust, sweep, vacuüm, and clean your home regularly.

 4.  To add balance and warmth to dark rooms use vibrant fire colors in pillows, artwork, area rugs, and accessories.  Fire colors are red, gold, orange, and yellow, and will energize your space.  Dark areas are perfect areas to put mirrors to reflect light and create energy.

 5.  Remove all furniture, artwork, or accessories that you don’t love, or at least like a lot.  Just because it is a family heirloom, give yourself permission to give it away or “store” it if it doesn’t make you smile!

Want more energy? Declutter!

Your home’s condition and its state of organization often mirrors your state of mind.  When I’ve gone through challenging periods in my life or simply a week of the flu, things in my closet find themselves in a clump and everything gets just a bit more cluttered.  Temporary messes are simply part of life.  However, chronic disorganization and clutter can negatively affect your life. 

Disorganization of “stuff” creates disharmony in your life.  According to Feng Shui, allowing energy to flow smoothly is vital to feeling balanced and harmonious in your life.  When things are disorganized, so is the energy around them.

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?  If your closet is clean, then you’re probably in a good frame of mind.  But if you’re not feeling so great emotionally, cleaning out your closet will help change your attitude and will lift your energy.

Want to feel better emotionally and psychologically?  Here are five “hot-spots” for cleaning out clutter and allowing energy to move in your life :

1.  Bedroom closets – if you have a lot of stuff here you’re liable to feel stagnation in your life.  Make a commitment to clean out closets and give away items that you haven’t worn in a while.  Keep your closet as organized as possible.  Not only will more energy flow in your life (in the form of opportunities) but practically speaking you’ll feel more balanced when you walk into your closet.

2.  Kitchen Pantry –  it can be easy to let things get disorganized in the pantry and to overlook cans that’ve been sitting around for years.   Re-organizing your pantry will uplift your spirits. If every time you open the pantry you think “I really need to organize this” then it’s draining your energy.  Instead, schedule a block of time and clean it out.

3.  Desk Drawers – it’s easy to build clutter here!  It may simply be impractical not to have a bit of disorganization here.  But if everything is just thrown in the drawer it affects you psychologically, feeling more “out-of-control.”  It can help your peace of mind and thought process to have a reasonably organized desk.

4.  Refrigerator – I still remember my shock when I opened the refrigerator in the home of a Feng Shui teacher at a conference I attended.  She was a well-respected teacher, yet her fridge had a lot of decaying food in it.  Definitely not good energy to have in your life.  I lost a little confidence in her credibility after that.  Clean out your fridge and wipe it off debris for an instant energy boost.

5.   Under the bed – having lots of stuff under your bed can interfere with sleeping.  If you have clothes or neatly packed items that don’t give off sharp, chaotic energy don’t worry about it.  Mirrors and sharp objects are the biggest culprits for causing chaotic sleep patterns.  Remove dust bunnies  because they’ll cause stagnate energy and you don’t need to absorb that type of energy when you’re sleeping.  Cleaning under your bed will keep the energy healthy.