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Feng Shui 101 – Creating Coziness and Comfort

Do you find yourself drawn to certain places in your home more than others? Is there an area where you feel particularly relaxed?  Maybe it’s a nook in the bedroom or a reading chair in the living room.  Odds are, its architectural features and its interior décor are in balance.  Balance in a space signals safety and security which you feel on an unconscious level.  When you feel safe, you can relax.  Balance is the essence of Feng Shui. When good Feng Shui is coupled with good design, an environment is naturally cozy, relaxing, and appealing. 

 What makes a room cozy and comfortable? 

1.  Size of the room.

2.  Ceiling height.

3.  Proportion of windows to walls.

4.  Amount of natural light.

5.  Outside noise.

6.  Floor plan.

7.  Furniture Placement.

8.  Interior Décor.

Although some of these qualities can’t eliminated, Feng Shui Design Principles can significantly change the feel of a room.  Your choice of wall color, furniture arrangement, lighting, and furniture placement can transform a cold and uninviting space into a cozy, beckoning nest.  

Next time….using Feng Shui to balance these areas.

Feng Shui your Office for Success

Your office is an important part of your life. It’s where you make decisions, manifest new ideas, and talk to clients.   To put your best foot forward in life,  you need to feel relaxed and comfortable.  The way your office is arranged can either help or hinder your ability to work with a relaxed attitude.

If you work at home, it’s best to have a dedicated room for your home office.  (You’ll be eligible for a tax write-off too!)  If you don’t have the space for a separate office at home – renting an office space is a far better idea than trying to cram a workplace into your bedroom, dining room, or corner of your living room.  If your garage has heating and HVAC (especially important here in Austin) it’s a viable option.


Working in a space with at least one window is desirable.  You’ll not only benefit psychologically from natural light, but if the window opens, you’ll be able to bring fresh air into your space which is one of the very best Feng Shui secrets you can utilize.  There are also immeasurable benefits to looking out at nature.

Use table and desk lamps and avoid overhead lighting.  Lamps should be placed about four to five feet away from each other.  Consider adding a Himalayan salt lamp to your desk area.  It gives off a warm glow and is said to absorb toxic energy from your computer.

Furniture Arrangement

Don’t sit with your back towards the door if possible.  If it’s impractical, simply keep the door closed or put a small reflective mirror on your computer so you can see who’s coming in behind you. 

Avoid placing your desk in line with a door unless you keep the door closed.  The energy coming in from the door can cause you to lose focus.

It’s best to have a wall behind you to give you support.  And avoid setting up your desk on an angle or with your back toward the window.

Try to have as many of these features as practical given your space:

A wall behind you

Your desk not in line with a door

Your desk facing a window

Position yourself in a “U” shape with furniture supporting each side

Avoid sitting under beams in the ceiling

If you use your office primarily to meet with clients, ensure that the clients seating are is comfortable and arranged in a U-Shape if possible.  This formation aids in relaxation.

Special Energy Enhancements

Generally speaking, the northeast corresponds to wealth.  Place a fire-colored object in this area to gather wealth energy.  Fire colors are red, pink, purple, and orange. 

North corresponds to water, which is creative energy in Feng Shui.  Put a table fountain, a picture of water, or a blue and black colored object to strengthen this energy.

Keep current bills in any of these areas of your office – northwest, northeast, south, or west.  In Feng Shui, these directions have “active” energy.  Active energy helps things move and that’s exactly what you want your bills to do.

Put investment and savings paperwork in the non-active areas of your office.  These areas are the north, east, southeast, southwest areas.  These directions help things grow – which is what your bank account to do!

 And Don’t forget the basics!

Keep your office uncluttered and clean.  Give it a “spring cleaning” at least every six months.  Energy can become stagnate – and make you stagnate – if you don’t dispel it.