Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not a gimmick or a unique decorating style. It is a time-tested discipline with specific guidelines involving geographical, psychological, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic and astrological concepts in relation to living space and energy flow. In short, Feng Shui is about balanced living – the alignment between you and your home.


According to Feng Shui, the environment has a tangible effect on your quality of life. Decorating choices such as wall color, style of furniture, furniture arrangement and accessories will either support your comfort or cause discomfort which produces stress. When a room is comfortable it helps you to relax, lessening stress. 

Feng Shui principles explain how the choice of lot, floorplan, and location of your home have the potential to affect your Health, Wealth, and Relationships.  For example, if your home is on a cul-de-sac it can affect you differently than if it was on  the corner of a street with a stop sign.   And if you have a sloping lot in the back, you may experience a difficulty holding on to money.

When an environment has bad Feng Shui, it makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy and it looks unbalanced or unhealthy.  Incorrect Feng Shui can cause loss of wealth and/or health and relationship issues.  When good location and design is combined with good Feng Shui,  the environment appeals to the senses and feels comfortable, balanced and inviting. Bottom line – you are better able to live to your full potential.

  Did You Know? 

  • Based on the direction your home faces, you’ll have several
    areas that you can access to increase prosperity.
  • Removing dead trees and bushes from your yard is beneficial
    to your health.
  • Ensuring that you have a nightstand and lamp on each side of
    your bed can help attract a romantic partner
  • Traditional Feng Shui does not involve philosophy, superstition
    or religion. It is the study of time and space. Feng Shui seeks to
    harmonize nature’s forces within your living or working space
  • and the surrounding environment.
  • The following companies have used Feng Shui: Microsoft,
    Chase Manhattan, Hyatt Hotels, CNN, ABC, IBM,
    Boeing, Salomon Smith, Barney, AT&T, Wall Street Journal
    and Donald Trump.

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