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How Feng Shui Impacts Your Life

Feng Shui (fung schway) is a system of living in harmony with your environment.  Environments that use Feng Shui look beautiful and serene. Moreover, Feng Shui can lead to better health, wealth and relationships.

In recent times, Feng Shui has grown in popularity. Corporations such as Coca-Cola, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Proctor Gamble use Feng Shui in their corporate buildings.  Many celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, have their own personal Feng Shui consultants.

What’s it All About?

Fundamentally, Feng Shui is about chi or life force energy. It’s the invisible force present in everything. Chi is energy, and when it’s blocked in your home, you may feel stuck in a rut.  In order to live a healthy and happy, it’s best to have a  flow of chi in and around your home.

Employing the basic principles of balance and flow in your environment not only creates a visually and emotionally appealing space, it allows you to feel grounded and comfortable.  It’s like acupuncture for your home, unblocking stagnate energy and revitalizing your environment.

Feng Shui is based on the principle that people lead healthier and more abundant lives when their environment is in balance.  When when you increase your enjoyment of your home, you’ll increase your enjoyment of your life!

A Few Basic Tips

Create good energy in all areas of your home.  If you are uplifted when you look at an object in your home remove it. Fill your home with things you love and uplift your spirits.  Love is a very powerful emotion and creates good energy.

  • Open the windows throughout your home and let fresh air in!
  • Let the sunshine in.  Don’t keep your home too dark.  This creates stagnation.  Too much darkness is like too much clutter – it weighs you down.
  • Fix everything in your home that is in need of repair or is broken or chipped.
  • Remove dead plants outside and keep plants inside trimmed and healthy.
  • Declutter your home.  Clean out your closets. Clutter prevents the flow of energy.
  • Because your bedroom is very important in supporting your health it is important to ensure that it has good Feng Shui.  Generally speaking, it’s best to place your bed along the longest wall of the room.  And don’t put your bed against a wall with a toilet directly behind it because it creates negative energy.

Feng Shui is an Ancient Practice, not a New Age Gimmick

Have you ever wondered why certain rooms in your home feel more comfortable than others?  Or why rearranging a room makes it not only look, but feel differently?   Perhaps without realizing it, you’re experiencing the principles of  Feng Shui Feng Shui is the ancient practice of arranging the physical environment to harmonize  energy.  When your environment is balanced and harmonious, it has a positive affect on your life.

Good  Feng Shui mitigates problems and increases opportunities in your life, often creating circumstances that help you out of a negative situation.  

Correct Feng Shui can increase prosperity and allow harmonious relationships.  Conversely, incorrect Feng Shui can bring discord in relationships, as well as money problems, accidents, and chronic disease.   The widespread practice of Feng Shui in Asia is a powerful testament to its potency.  In Hong Kong, few businesses or residents risk having incorrect Feng Shui. 

A Long and Rich History

Although thought by many to be a New Age phenomenon, the art and science of Feng Shui has been around for centuries.  About 6000 years ago, the  Chinese began using principles of geomancy, or what is now called Feng Shui.  Observing the Big Dipper and the rotation of the planets, they applied their observations to the placement of ancestral grave sites.  Correct grave placement was thought to bring prosperity for the deceased’s descendants.  Soon, Chinese Emperors used Feng Shui to find the most suitable place to build a fortress.  


Today, Feng Shui is associated with anything from cosmetics to car design to fountains and mirrors.  It’s no wonder people see it as a New Age gimmick.


It’s all about Energy

Most of us have heard of qi (chi).  It’s a term simply described as energy, but it’s actually more profound.  Qi is the underlying essence of all things.   Qi has direct impact on your health, wealth, and relationships.   The goal of Feng Shui is to enhance beneficial qi in your space while keeping out detrimental qi.  At the most basic level, Qi is classified as having either Yin or Yang qualities.  Yin qi is feminine and quiet.  Yang qi is the opposite of Yin.  It’s masculine and  active.  Qi is further characterized as being a combination of five elemental energies -earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.  Balancing elements in your environment ensures a harmonious environment.  A harmonious environment helps you to relax opening the door to better health and greater ease in all areas of your life.

A traditional  Feng Shui practitioner works to balance energy in a space, similar to how an acupuncturist balances qi in your body.  The correct application of the principles of Feng Shui allows qi in your environment to nourish you.  This is the essence of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Lifetime Study

The study of  Feng Shui is a lifetime study and there are hundreds of different systems of Feng Shui. The traditional approaches to Feng Shui use a compass to take directional readings of  your home and analyze the impact of geographical features such as street traffic, neighboring houses, and landscaping.  Time-Space Feng Shui measures how energy reacts in a space in a given time by using mathematical and logical system to interpret the energy patterns.  It’s through the correct analysis of outside forms and qi flow patterns in a space that energy can be balanced.

A Time-Space  Feng Shui consultant takes compass readings to measure the facing direction of your home and  prepares an energy chart of your house.  The chart shows the type of energy in the structure and which areas are out of balance.   These areas can be analyzed thoroughly and specifically addressed to improve health, career goals, relationships.   The recommendations may include opening  windows in certain locations (when weather permits), adding an elemental cure, and rearranging furniture.

Feng Shui can improve your satisfaction with your life but of course, it’s not a magical cure.  Every object and form both inside and outside of your home influences you.   Applying the traditional principles of Feng Shui can ensure an optimum environment which will support your health, wealth, relationships and over all well-being. 

I Am Rich and So Are You


Sitting in bed wearing flannel pajamas on a rainy Saturday morning with my partner, David and my two Westies, Lucky and Gracie, I wondered “What price would I put on this experience?”  I sat in a comfortable bed, with the sight of towering trees and rain drops streaming down the windows, enjoying the warm colors of the Christmas lights (I light year-round), savoring my coffee, listening to David read from a favorite book of ours, and feeling contentment.  What would I pay for this experience?  It was priceless


I notice and appreciate aspects of my day that I used to take for granted. I’ve begun putting a pretend “price-tag” on moments in day-to-day activities which I tended to gloss-over or use as a means to an end. This exercise has shown me how truly how rich I am.  Why?  Because my “price-tags” read “price-less.”

The price-tag is a visual tool I use to connect with abundance.  When I think to myself, “What would I pay for this?” I notice the richness of the moment.  Simple, spontaneous things like cutting up vegetables with David, watching Lucky and Gracie play with each other, and enjoying the smell of fresh herbs are priceless. When I started realizing that I could not place a price on these moments, that money was no compensation for them, I realized true abundance.  The money part is unimportant, it’s a vehicle to get me in touch with the pricelessness of every moment I’m given.

Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth,  “The warmth of the sun on your skin, the display of magnificent flowers,… biting into a succulent fruit, or getting soaked into an abundance of water falling from the sky.  The fullness of life is there at every step.  The acknowledgement of that abundance that is all around you awakens the dormant abundance within.  Then let it flow out.

What would you pay for the sunlight on your skin, or the experience of biting into a wonderfully succulent fruit?  When you realize how much of your day is full of these moments, you may see how rich you truly are.

Blocks to Abundance…What to do if you can’t pay your bills

Girl in fieldChanging your paradigms and your internal dialogue about your right to abundance is the long term way to shift prosperity energy. In the meantime, what do you do if you’ve got bills to pay and you simply don’t yet have the money to pay them?  When you are overtaken by the voices instilling fear and anxiety in your mind and telling you that this “new-age” affirmation stuff won’t work, nothing’s going to work and I’ll never be abundant –  here are tools to help you find peace.  Negative and ego-driven tapes in your head, which wake you up in the middle of the night, or invade your day are debilitating and not helpful to living an abundant life.

Be assured that you have another way to live if you desire it.  You can choose to be grounded in Spirit and plugged into the Abundance and Love of the universe.

So, you’re awake at 4:00 am running the familar tapes in your head about how you can’t pay the bills due and what’s going to happen.  It goes from bad to worse until you’re finally in such a bad place that you don’t feel like you can even get up for the day ahead.  Here are ways to “get out of your head.”

 1- Separate you from the thoughts you are thinking.  Look at the thoughts as an observer.  Don’t identify with them.  Even doing this for a minute begins a good practice to use daily.

 2- Ask for help from Divine Consciousness.  Listen.  For me, the mantra “Be Still and Know that I am” often comes into my mind and I repeat it until I am able to connect with trust and love.  Pick up an inspirational book and read for a few minutes.

 3- Make a list of things you are grateful for.  At least ten.

 4- Connect with someone and send them good energy. Do this throughout the day as you can.  For example, a smile at a stranger, a phone call to a friend that you’ve been putting off, an extra hug for your companion or child will allow you to connect with love.

 5- Go outside and spend time in nature.  Sit and look at the clouds, take a walk, or garden.

 6- When you are out of the panic place you can calmly contemplate your options.  If you are open and calm, you’re able to receive guidance from the universe which often-times means that a new idea will appear.

 7 – Do the next right thing regarding the bills.  It may mean doing nothing today, calling the person you owe the money to, or cashing out savings.  Trust that this situation is temporary, you will get through it, and most of all that Divine Consciousness wants you to be happy and abundant.

Uncovering Blocks to Abundance and Transforming, Part 2


Abundance emanates from energy flow.  You exchange energy through giving and receiving.  If you’re blocked by limiting mind paradigms, most of which are created unwittingly in your childhood, you aren’t able to give and receive fully.  It’s your birthright as a Spiritual Being to have all you need.  No one is better or less than you are.  No one deserves more or less than you do.  The universe supplies more than enough if you remove your limiting beliefs about what you “deserve.”

Mind paradigms that block you are like tapes you play in your head from your childhood…from what you heard your parents or mentors sa.   These tapes unconsciously act on you.  Things like:  there’s only so much; get it while you can;  life is hard;  I don’t deserve it;  I don’t have enough; and I won’t have enough.

Mind paradigms that free you to soak in abundance: 

1-  I am connected to everyone and everything in the Universe and beyond and all my needs are taken care of.

 2- I now receive abundance which flows from the Divine Source.

 3- All that I need comes easily to me now.

 4- I am open to giving and receiving abundantly.

 5- The Universe provides more than I need.

Changing the way you think and re-programming your old tapes is the key to changing your life.  Recalibrate the way you relate to the world and shine the light on old thought patterns.  Find out what’s at the root of these thought patterns for a lasting paradigm shift. 

You may experience an “ah-hah” moment when you dig down into your unconscious thoughts and see what’s been driving you.  Uncover these beliefs, accept that you didn’t know better, and then replace with the Truth.

For example, if you believe there’s only so much that can go around, it may be because you were taught not to trust in the abundance of the universe and you were never told that you are a Spiritual Being whose birthright is abundance.   

Use your affirmations daily and get curious about any resistance you have believing them.  Repeating positive affirmations along with honest introspection will enable you to begin to open your energy to abundance.  Enjoy it, it’s yours!

Uncovering Blocks to Abundance in Your Life, Part 1

Abundance is expressed in many forms.  Money, a loving family, supportive friends, doting pets, and a vibrant garden are all manifestations of abundance. It’s my experience that creating abundance takes more than simply repeating a mantra such as “I will make one million dollars this year.” 

Creating abundance starts with getting curious about the paradigms you unconsciously created when you were a child.  These paradigms imprinted  ideas about your worthiness to be abundant.  I use the phrase “the limiter” to characterize the imprints from childhood which today act like a straight-jacket preventing you from living a full and abundant life. For example, if you observed your mother anxious and gruff with you when she was writing checks, you may carry that anxiety to your own bill-paying.  If you heard your father say “we never have enough” your limiter may tell you “I never have enough.”  And most importantly, if your parents weren’t capable of giving you the love and support you needed as a child, you may be faced with a sense of inadequacy and feeling like your productivity in the world is not worth what it’s really worth.  Your limiter will tell you that you really don’t deserve so much.

Most of us weren’t raised with the idea that we are entitled to all the abundance the universe offers by our very nature as a Spiritual Being. 

The good news is that you can change your imprints. 

Next time,  more about uncovering ways which you block abundance in your life.


The key to selling your home.

Selling your home this year?   As a Realtor® in Austin, TexasSold Sign, I’ve worked with sellers living in fear throughout the process, particularly in the current real estate market.  Good news!  You don’t have to let fear and anxiety take over your life when selling your home.   Internalizing the principles of trust, detachment, abundance, and acceptance not only change your selling experience – they will change your life.

First – Trust your Realtor’s knowledge of the current market conditions and accept the reality of selling your home for less than you may think it’s worth (particularly if you’ve lived there for less than five years).

Second – Accept market statistics showing the facts about home sales prices in your particular neighborhood for the last three to six months.

Third – Trust that this is a benevolent and abundant universe.  If your profit is less than expected, you will be okay.  You are always being taken care of.

Fourth – Detach from any emotional connection to the house and put your focus on moving to your next home.  Bless it and let it go.

We all have varying degrees of emotional attachment to our home.  However, if you need or want to sell your home, think of it as a commodity and not as “your home.”  You can carry the memories you’ve made there to your next home if you choose to.

For most of us, “our home” really never is “our home” because it’s owned by the mortgage company. 

Trust, Accept, and Detachment WILL change your life and will absolutely change your selling experience.