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Now, more than ever, your Home is not your 401K

Are you in the market for a new home?  Do you feel excited and inspired?  Or are you paralyzed with fear? If it’s the later you may be putting greater priority on making your home a profit center rather than a place to live.  If your first priority is price, and next priority is re-sale value, changing that paradigm will change the experience of buying and living in your next home.

Of course the price of a home is relevant and you can keep an eye toward eventual resale value but to make money a top priority is looking at a house as a profit center and not as a home. 

As a society it seems that we’ve lost sight of the main purpose of a home – to live in.  It’s not a 401K.  The recent financial crisis forced us to re-think the idea of a home as a profit-center.  A home is a big investment – but it is an investment in yourself and your life. Instead of thinking about how much return you’ll make on your investment, why not consider how much return you’ll get emotionally and psychologically?

Remember, a home is a container for our creativity, our hopes, and our dreams.  How do you put a price tag on that? 

If you can shop for a home with the goal being adding support and comfort to your life rather than getting the “best deal” you’ll transform the buying process.  You’ll be able to envision the places in the home where you can plant a garden, spend time with your family, cook nurturing meals, and entertain friends.  You can take out fear and instead create inspiration and excitement.

Remember that you have a relationship with your home, and it’s more than just making a monthly mortgage payment.  Your home offers you a place to create – whether it’s dinner with friends or memories of your child’s first birthday.  I’ve seen that many that buyers don’t consider intangibles, instead erring on the side of not making a financial mistake.

Imagine yourself in each room of the house experiencing love and cultivating  joy.  And if the price is a little higher than you had anticipated or if you’re uncertain about what the resale value will be, remember that the intangibles are priceless.  Enjoy your home!

What I Learned from a Bumper-Sticker

If you’re reading this you know that life is full of learning opportunities.  Lessons are given in a beautifully-constructed way if you pay attention.  I had an unexpected realization the other day.  Ironically it happened while I was driving to a downtown spiritually-based meeting.  I found myself in Austin’s typical noontime traffic.  I tend to people-watch in traffic to see what state of being they’re in. As I was observing, I noticed a bumper-sticker on an older-model black pickup truck in front of me. Let me warn you before you read this – it’s probably going hit you with negative energy.  The bumper sticker read, “This truck is protected by a pit-bull with aids.”

I was disgusted.  How un-compassionate!  I told myself it wasn’t surprising to find such a sentiment on “an old black truck”.   And when I passed the truck I’m sure I gave the young male driver a look of scorn.  I judged him to be very un-enlightened and therefore the kind of person I avoid. It wasn’t until I was sitting in my meeting, about 30 minutes later that I got the lesson – the  light-bulb came on. 

The lesson was —

I had reacted to this person’s expression of hate and fear from the same mind-set that he had when he placed his bumper sticker on his truck. 

That mind-set is the ego-mind.  It is borne from separateness and fear.  And reacting from my ego, I did what the ego excels in – judging and punishing.  I wanted to hurt that driver in some way just as he wanted to hurt anyone that messed with his truck.  And both his and my action were fundamentally the same – we were reacting from fear and separateness.

The world is populated with egos.  And hard as it at times, facing an ego with light and compassion rather than with another ego reaction is the way to bring peace and one-ness into the world.  Instead of my judgment about how awful and obviously UN-enlightened the driver was, I could have offered him love and understanding and connected with him rather than separated myself from him.  After all, don’t we all share varying degrees of the fear of being robbed?  And don’t we all get a feeling of security (albeit misplaced) from our stuff? 

So I could have accessed Spirit rather than ego and given him what I need too – compassion, love, understanding and connection.  And we can all choose to connect to the whole and to Spirit the next time we meet an ego.  We can be the change we want to see in world.  We just need to pause and remember Who We Really Are.

When Love Doesn’t Meet Your Expectations

I have come to understand that the Universe is full of love. But it took decades to come to this realization.  Growing up in a dysfunctional family the truth about love and abundance was obscured.  Now I see that love is abundant – without limits.  I don’t have to do anything except be in the present moment to receive the love all around me.  If I am surrounded by busi-ness and distraction it makes it harder for me to feel love.  Love isn’t ever not there, it’s simply me that sometimes isn’t able to access it.  Love is after all our essence as Spiritual beings created by Divine Spirit.

Yesterday I experienced a familiar feeling of lack of love.  For many years, I’ve wanted to feel loved by my sister. I’ve have the expectation of having a close relationship with her.  I wanted us to share time with each other and grow through life together.  Coming from a dysfunctional family, that’s simply not how our relationship has manifested.  I wanted my sister to fit my expectations and give me what I thought I needed. But she hasn’t.  And sometimes that doesn’t feel okay to me. 

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself for not being acknowledged by her.  Yesterday was one of those days when I felt, what’s wrong with me?  What did I do to her to make her dislike me so much?  What can I do to “make” her love me?  Those thoughts led to, “I’m not okay because I don’t have the type of relationship with my sister that I wanted.”  And then I felt anger and frustration.

I stewed for a couple hours.  I retired for the day and crawled into my warm soft bed with my two Westies, Lucky and Gracie.  Lucky gives affection on his terms so I’m delighted whenever he doles out kisses or lays close to me.  Last night, he curled up in my lap and stayed there.  It was a delightful surprise. 

Then I “woke up”  and became present.  Here I was, surrounded by love from my dogs and my partner. What was I lacking?  I was lacking nothing.  Yet, if I had remained in my negative feelings and didn’t become present I could have missed this experience.  

The message for me is don’t look at what form love comes in. 

Look at the presence of love in your life.  It is abundant.  Realize that getting love from a friend, pet, or a stranger is no different from feeling love from a spouse or child. Love doesn’t come in degrees. We sometimes discount the love that’s surrounding us if we’re not receiving the love from that “special” person. 

When you feel disappointed in not getting what you expect from a person, the way to get out of that feeling is to see that it’s your Ego voice telling you that you need a certain person’s love to be okay.  It’s not true.  The truth is that love is always available – sometimes in surprise packages. 

“Be Still and Know”  can also mean “Be Still and Know that Love Is.”

How the Number 11-11 Helps Us Wake Up to Spirit

008_08Today is 11-11-2009.  A simple way to describe the 11-11 configuration is a portal into the Divine. If you notice 11-11’s you are on track to uncovering a deeper, more profound way of living, which unites you with love and synchronicity.  Noticing 11-11’s will help you detach from dualistic thinking and ego motivated actions – even for just a moment.

When I see 11-11 I believe that I’ve been prompted by a higher consciousness to notice that I am a higher consciousness, a Spirit in a body and not the other way around.

In numerology, 11 represents idealism, intuition, artistic and inventive genius.  Eleven carries psychic vibrations and has an equal balance of masculine and feminine properties. Eleven also contains many gifts such as psychic awareness and sensitivity.  Human DNA, our genetic memory, is encoded to be triggered by digital codes at specific times and frequencies. Those codes awaken the mind to the change and evolution of consciousness. The symbol 11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our cellular memory banks which, when activated, signifies that the time of completion is near. Completion meaning an end to your current vision of the world and instead an awakening to the unseen, to Spirit.Miscellaneous Posts entering Path

If you notice 11-11’s or begin noticing them, it may be a signal that you are waking up from the trance of ego.  The appearance of 11:11 is a beneficial act of the Divine telling you that it is time to take a good look around you and see what’s really happening. You are positioned to step into a new way of living for yourself and others.  By stopping and noticing, you can jettison out of ego and fear and into the present moment, into love.  Remind yourself that you are connected to all beings and Divine Consciousness is guiding you.

Pause when you notice the next 11-11.  You may start noticing them on a clock, cash register slips, license plates, or in phone numbers.  As you start noticing them, and you’ll notice them more frequently.  Soon they will be daily wake-up call for you to remember who you really are.