Moving-in Ceremony for Your New Home

anfireplaceHere a few ideas to make moving into a new space more deliberate.  You can tailor these ideas or add to them.  You can do this in stages, taking your time at each stage.

First you’ll need to thoroughly clean your house.  Then, you’ll need to further dissipate and remove the old energy.  Open windows and doors everywhere possible and allow fresh air in for a couple hours or as long as the weather permits.   

Then, boil fresh rosemary for about seven minutes or until you’re able to smell it throughout the house.  Allow it to permeate for several hours.  Better yet, allow it to cool and pour the mixture in a spray bottle or on a cloth and wipe countertops, cabinets, closets and bookshelves.  Spray in the corners of every room.   If rosemary is not one of your favorite herbs, use salt and warm water instead.

Go from room to room and either clap your hands or use a metal sound (wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowl, or a bell) to loosen and expel old chi from the corners of the room.  Either method will help loosen stagnate energy.  Spend time at all the closets and open the cabinets while doing this.

Then, it’s time to bring in good chi.  Burn your favorite incense or candle.  Write a list of attributes you want for the space – for example, peace, laughter, creativity, and abundance. Keep this list by the front door.  Visualize what you would like to experience in the space.

Finally, have a house-warming party large or small to fill the space with friends and laughter.  You can do this ritual again every Spring to keep stagnate chi from accumulating in your home.

Have more ideas?  Please share them here.

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