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Now, more than ever, your Home is not your 401K

Are you in the market for a new home?  Do you feel excited and inspired?  Or are you paralyzed with fear? If it’s the later you may be putting greater priority on making your home a profit center rather than a place to live.  If your first priority is price, and next priority is re-sale value, changing that paradigm will change the experience of buying and living in your next home.

Of course the price of a home is relevant and you can keep an eye toward eventual resale value but to make money a top priority is looking at a house as a profit center and not as a home. 

As a society it seems that we’ve lost sight of the main purpose of a home – to live in.  It’s not a 401K.  The recent financial crisis forced us to re-think the idea of a home as a profit-center.  A home is a big investment – but it is an investment in yourself and your life. Instead of thinking about how much return you’ll make on your investment, why not consider how much return you’ll get emotionally and psychologically?

Remember, a home is a container for our creativity, our hopes, and our dreams.  How do you put a price tag on that? 

If you can shop for a home with the goal being adding support and comfort to your life rather than getting the “best deal” you’ll transform the buying process.  You’ll be able to envision the places in the home where you can plant a garden, spend time with your family, cook nurturing meals, and entertain friends.  You can take out fear and instead create inspiration and excitement.

Remember that you have a relationship with your home, and it’s more than just making a monthly mortgage payment.  Your home offers you a place to create – whether it’s dinner with friends or memories of your child’s first birthday.  I’ve seen that many that buyers don’t consider intangibles, instead erring on the side of not making a financial mistake.

Imagine yourself in each room of the house experiencing love and cultivating  joy.  And if the price is a little higher than you had anticipated or if you’re uncertain about what the resale value will be, remember that the intangibles are priceless.  Enjoy your home!