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I Am Rich and So Are You


Sitting in bed wearing flannel pajamas on a rainy Saturday morning with my partner, David and my two Westies, Lucky and Gracie, I wondered “What price would I put on this experience?”  I sat in a comfortable bed, with the sight of towering trees and rain drops streaming down the windows, enjoying the warm colors of the Christmas lights (I light year-round), savoring my coffee, listening to David read from a favorite book of ours, and feeling contentment.  What would I pay for this experience?  It was priceless


I notice and appreciate aspects of my day that I used to take for granted. I’ve begun putting a pretend “price-tag” on moments in day-to-day activities which I tended to gloss-over or use as a means to an end. This exercise has shown me how truly how rich I am.  Why?  Because my “price-tags” read “price-less.”

The price-tag is a visual tool I use to connect with abundance.  When I think to myself, “What would I pay for this?” I notice the richness of the moment.  Simple, spontaneous things like cutting up vegetables with David, watching Lucky and Gracie play with each other, and enjoying the smell of fresh herbs are priceless. When I started realizing that I could not place a price on these moments, that money was no compensation for them, I realized true abundance.  The money part is unimportant, it’s a vehicle to get me in touch with the pricelessness of every moment I’m given.

Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth,  “The warmth of the sun on your skin, the display of magnificent flowers,… biting into a succulent fruit, or getting soaked into an abundance of water falling from the sky.  The fullness of life is there at every step.  The acknowledgement of that abundance that is all around you awakens the dormant abundance within.  Then let it flow out.

What would you pay for the sunlight on your skin, or the experience of biting into a wonderfully succulent fruit?  When you realize how much of your day is full of these moments, you may see how rich you truly are.