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Uncovering Blocks to Abundance in Your Life, Part 1

Abundance is expressed in many forms.  Money, a loving family, supportive friends, doting pets, and a vibrant garden are all manifestations of abundance. It’s my experience that creating abundance takes more than simply repeating a mantra such as “I will make one million dollars this year.” 

Creating abundance starts with getting curious about the paradigms you unconsciously created when you were a child.  These paradigms imprinted  ideas about your worthiness to be abundant.  I use the phrase “the limiter” to characterize the imprints from childhood which today act like a straight-jacket preventing you from living a full and abundant life. For example, if you observed your mother anxious and gruff with you when she was writing checks, you may carry that anxiety to your own bill-paying.  If you heard your father say “we never have enough” your limiter may tell you “I never have enough.”  And most importantly, if your parents weren’t capable of giving you the love and support you needed as a child, you may be faced with a sense of inadequacy and feeling like your productivity in the world is not worth what it’s really worth.  Your limiter will tell you that you really don’t deserve so much.

Most of us weren’t raised with the idea that we are entitled to all the abundance the universe offers by our very nature as a Spiritual Being. 

The good news is that you can change your imprints. 

Next time,  more about uncovering ways which you block abundance in your life.