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Inspiration is the Light Inside You

My study of Feng Shui helped me understand how the quality of light in a space affects the way the space feels.  When there’s abundant light in a space it feels warm and welcoming.  The absence of light creates lethargy and in the long-term, depression.  Light is energy.

Just as the quality of light in an environment creates energy, the  light inside us all is key to inspiration.   Inspiration means, quite literally, being in Spirit.

Being in Spirit can be described as feeling grounded or being in the present moment.  You’re in the flow.  And when you’re in the flow, you’re open to new ideas.  Ideas simply pop into your head.  You may receive an answer to a problem, insight into a new way of doing something, or a fresh approach to a dilemma.

Inspiration is always available to you. It’s the perpetual light inside of you.  Sometimes negative thoughts cloud over the ability to connect to inspiration.   Negative thoughts can create a writer’s block or burnout or depression.  Regardless of what we call it, the problem is that we’re not connecting with our inner spirit or light.  The problem ISN’T that we don’t have any more light.

When I hear someone say “I’m not creative”  I think,  “That statement couldn’t be further from the truth.”  Every one of us is creative because we are spiritual beings.  You may not feel inspired to decorate a room, or paint a still-life landscape, but that’s not the essence of creativity. Creativity is the result of connecting to inspiration. It can be manifested by deciding to take your dog to a new park or picking colorful files for your office or simply cleaning your home differently than you usually do.  Creativity is not reserved for the arts. 

Think of each day as a creative experience, it is yours to paint the way you choose.  If you connect to inspiration you will absolutely have a fulfilling and energized day.  You can bring new energy and ideas to the mundane.  You create the day you want to have by your choice of either connecting to Spirit or by blocking off your light with dark clouds of anxiety or living in the future or in the past.  Inspiration is found in the present moment.   This is where ideas spring forth.  In this state of being you can connect with your inner self which inevitably connects you to inspiration.

Interior Decorating 101 – Connecting to Inspiration

Interior decorating can be frightening to many people.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the number of decisions that need to be made when designing a new space. Many of my clients run successful businesses and juggle daily home and career responsibilities yet when it comes to choosing paint-colors they freeze and get into overwhelm.  They’re afraid of making a wrong decision.

The truth is that there is no right way or wrong way to decorate. The most important goal is to create an environment which you feel good in. You can do this in a number of ways such as repurposing what you already have, shopping in thrift stores or buying expensive things. The things don’t matter, the feelings do.  

Have fun. Let things evolve. Not all designs decisions can be made at one time. Take the process one step at a time and make the biggest decisions first and you’ll be amazed at how other decisions magically fall into place.  

The key to creating anything is to act from a place of inner stillness.  When you are still, you can connect you to universal inspiration ~ the goldmine of ideas.  Get quiet, journal, sit in nature, or do whatever works for you in order to get clear about a decision.  Any thoughts about not being creative enough or not being able to do things perfectly are simply not true. You can create an environment that shines your light.   

An easy way to know if something is right for you is to get still and notice how you feel when you look at a color or a piece of furniture.  If you don’t feel happy, it’s not the right thing for you.  If you’re selecting something because you just want to be finished but don’t love your selection you’ll miss out on creating the a space which nourishes and comforts you.  Instead, take your time and fill your environment with things you love.

Anything you want to do in life is possible if you’re open to inspiration.  Inspiration comes from the root “Spirit” and Spirit is truly the root of inspiration.