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Why use a Realtor to Sell your Home?

Front_Entrance_VThinking of selling your home yourself?  Know the facts before before making that decision.

1)  The median selling price in Texas for homes sold without a Realtor® is 17% lower than homes sold with a Realtor®.  Buyers are knowledgeable and intelligent.  They know they can buy your home for the price you are quoting… less the commission!  Even subtracting a 6% commission, you’re more likely to net more by using a Realtor®.  The result is that you do all the work and end up with the same or even less proceeds than by using an agent.

 2)  Can you market it to the right buyers?  The amount of exposure to buyers is significantly greater when you use an agent.  Advertising your home and getting the word out to the top producing Realtors® in the first two weeks of listing it is crucial to getting the most amount of money for your home.  Selling price inevitably lowers the longer the home sits on the market.  Home sellers don’t have access to all the opportunities that are available to Realtors®.  Did you know that the Travis County MLS system exposes property to 7,000 agents in 11 counties?


 3)  Most homes sold by licensed Realtors® sell quicker. The first two weeks your home is on the market is crucial.  Having it staged correctly and having an effective marketing plan in place can greatly lessen the time the home is on the market. 


Did you know that 90% of “For Sale by Owner” sellers actually end up hiring a Realtor® to sell their home?


 4)  Finding a Realtor® that’s going to give you exceptional service will be invaluable in protecting your interests legally and will save you significant time and energy.  A good agent can help you by answering phone calls, arranging times to show your home, negotiating on your behalf, getting your home ready to show, providing handymen and vendors, and ensuring that your interests are protected.

5)   Many agents steer their home buyers away from For Sale By Owner sellers because they don’t feel comfortable entering their buyers into a transaction in which the sellers may not have the proper representation and knowledge to execute the transaction.

6)  An agent can pre-qualify a buyer thereby saving you the experience of finding out 30 days after you’ve accepted the offer that the buyer doesn’t actually qualify to buy your home.

7)  The typical real estate transaction uses seven (7) forms designed to protect all parties in the transaction.  The correct utilization of these forms is vital to the success of the transaction and your protection.  For Sale by Owner transactions incur a significantly greater amount of lawsuits than Realtor® to Realtor® transactions. 

8)   There’s a lot to coordinate and it’s a big responsibility.   Besides being available to show your home, you’ll need to coordinate home inspections, special repair issues, closing documents, and meetings.  You are also liable if anyone gets hurt while viewing your home.   You may not realize all the nuts and bolts you’ll need to deal with in a sale.   You’ll need the most up-to-date and comprehensive information to shield you from possible litigation.