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The key to selling your home.

Selling your home this year?   As a Realtor® in Austin, TexasSold Sign, I’ve worked with sellers living in fear throughout the process, particularly in the current real estate market.  Good news!  You don’t have to let fear and anxiety take over your life when selling your home.   Internalizing the principles of trust, detachment, abundance, and acceptance not only change your selling experience – they will change your life.

First – Trust your Realtor’s knowledge of the current market conditions and accept the reality of selling your home for less than you may think it’s worth (particularly if you’ve lived there for less than five years).

Second – Accept market statistics showing the facts about home sales prices in your particular neighborhood for the last three to six months.

Third – Trust that this is a benevolent and abundant universe.  If your profit is less than expected, you will be okay.  You are always being taken care of.

Fourth – Detach from any emotional connection to the house and put your focus on moving to your next home.  Bless it and let it go.

We all have varying degrees of emotional attachment to our home.  However, if you need or want to sell your home, think of it as a commodity and not as “your home.”  You can carry the memories you’ve made there to your next home if you choose to.

For most of us, “our home” really never is “our home” because it’s owned by the mortgage company. 

Trust, Accept, and Detachment WILL change your life and will absolutely change your selling experience.