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Seven Tips for Selecting Wall Color

Don’t be intimidated by choosing a paint color for your walls!  Painting is relatively inexpensive and easy to change don’t worry about making a “mistake.”  Have fun with it!

1)  In small rooms, using a lighter color is best because it will make the room feel larger and open.  Your best bet is to choose one of the first two colors on a color sample swatch.

2)  If you want to lighten-up dark rooms, choose a pale shade of yellow – it’s the best color for reflecting light.

3)  A plan that consistently gives good results is to paint walls a neutral color (Barely Beige by Benjamin Moore is terrific) and add color with art work and accessories.

4)  Don’t over-paint.  If you want to paint different walls different colors keep in mind that if you simply use one color, it will look differently on each wall because of the light and direction the wall faces.

5)  Don’t know how to pull a color palette together?  An easy way is to use something that you really like as reference.  For example – a piece of art, a greeting card, or even something in your closet.  Use the colors as a basis for designing the room.  Use the most neutral color for the walls and the remaining colors for accessories.  It’s best to choose three to four colors depending on the size of the room.

6)  To create a cozy and balanced room, use the same color three or more times in the room in different ways. If you like red, you could use a red vase, an area rug with red in it, and artwork containing red.  And don’t worry about finding the exact match for a color for the different applications…different hues of the same color is fine and will add depth to the room.

7)  Before committing to a paint color, try out a minimum of three colors on different parts of the room, in at least 2 x 2 ft. swatches or use poster board and hang it in different areas of the room.  You want to see how the color looks in the morning, afternoon, and evening.