Interior Decorating

CREATING ENVIRONMENTS THAT FEEL GOOD:  Can you say – and feel –Ahhh! when you enter your home or office? You should feel like you do when you snuggle up with a warm blanket – a feeling of Ahhh-ness!  If you’re comfortable in your environment, you naturally feel grounded and peaceful. When a space provokes a feeling of comfort, it has Soul.

Your home should restore your emotional well-being.  When you live in a space that exudes Soul you’ll naturally feel more positive and grounded.  Being comfortable in your environment decreases anxiety and increases contentment.          

Soul transforms an ordinary room into a space full of warmth and emotional appeal. Creating a space with Soul not only connects you to your environment, but on a deeper level, to your authentic self.           

Two components are needed to create a comfortable environment – visual attraction and emotional appeal. The selection of furnishings, colors, and accessories can create visual appeal but it’s the correct composition of these items that creates emotional appeal.  It takes the right balance of colors, textures, and placement to create Soul.  If you don’t have Soul in your environment it will feel cold, sterile, or incomplete.  Even if an environment is impeccably decorated, if you don’t feel like you can plop down and relax, you’re not connecting with the space on a positive emotional level.          

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to re-decorate, you can repaint or repurpose things that you already have.  Sometimes, just moving a piece of artwork from one room to another will cause you to see the room differently and give you fresh ideas.     

Decorating is more than filling a space with things.  Decorating is about creating positive emotions by creating Soul in an environment. Not only does an environment need to look harmonized and stylish, more importantly, it should to evoke positive emotions.           

Please feel free to ask me specific questions about what to do in your environment if my articles don’t contain the answers you’re looking for!

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog at I am glad my post about New Consciousness Entrepreneurs inspired you. I’ll be developing more soon–check out in the coming months. And your site is just beautiful!! Keep in touch ~ I can feel the connection. Maggie

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