Feng Shui 101 – The Most Important Room in your Home.

According to Feng Shui also known as the Art of Living in Harmony with your environment- the most important room in your home is your bedroom.  The reason it’s most important is because your bedroom is the gateway to good health.  Sleep is vital to your well-being and is the key to coping with life in a measured way.

You can improve your health by arranging your bedroom in accordance with Feng Shui principles.  Your furniture arrangement and decorating choices (or lack thereof) manifest energy.  Even though you can’t see energy, you’ll feel its effects.  And when you’re asleep, you easily absorb energy around you because your defenses are low.

According to Feng Shui, everything in the universe emanates one or more of the five types of energy – Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth.  A bedroom should cocoon you with the type of energy that best boosts your health.  (To find your unique type of energy according to your birth-year energy see my post on May 4, 2010 “Feng Shui 101- What Kind of  Energy Do You Have? ” )

For example if you were born in 1959, your birth year energy is water energy so your bedroom should have an abundance of water energy along with the enhancer of water energy which is metal energy.   Choose colors, furniture, artwork, flooring, paint and bedding with metal and water energy – but remember the underlying goal of Feng Shui is balance so ensure all the elements are present but in varying degrees.

At least as important with keeping the décor of the bedroom aligned with your birth-year energy, your bedroom should have as many of the following attributes as possible. Do the best you can with what you have.  Don’t worry if you can’t follow each guideline. 

 1. Sleep in a quiet room located in a quiet area of your home.

 2. Create a dark space in order to sleep your best.

 3. Position your bed along the longest wall of the room (don’t worry about the so-called “corpse position”).  But don’t put it directly behind a toilet from an adjoining bathroom.

4. Put your bed in the command position if possible.  This means that you can easily see the door and whoever’s coming in the door.

5. Have a sturdy headboard behind you especially if you need to place the bed on the same wall as a window.

6. Place a nightstand on either side of the bed if the room allows.

7. Ensure that your bed has a footboard OR put a small bench at the foot of your bed.  The idea is to increase your ability to relax by placing furniture around your bed to cocoon yourself.

Questions or comments?  Post here!

Next time – Easy ways to create a comfortable bedroom.


One response to “Feng Shui 101 – The Most Important Room in your Home.

  1. Thanks so much for the tips. I remember being told by a friend to avoid having a mirror face the bed directly, and how it is not recommended to have big mirrors in the bedroom.

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