Interior Decorating 101 – Choose Wall Colors to Create Good Feng Shui

Creating a fresh feel and tone in a room can be easily accomplished by a change in color.  You can create warmth or coolness, expansion or contraction, and formality or casualness with your color selection.  The right wall color positively influences the Feng Shui or energy you feel in a space.  

Taking an inventory before you get started will help you pick out the color(s) that will create the feeling you want in the room.

Here are the First Steps:

1 – Determine your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, consider which changes will have the most impact for the least investment.  Generally, these are paint, accessories, and simply re-arranging furniture.

2 – Make a list of the key elements that will stay in the room such as flooring, rugs, furniture, and window treatments.  You’ll want to pick colors that tie these elements together.

3 – Ask yourself, what is the room’s purpose and how do I want to feel in the room? In Feng Shui terms, the question is “Is it an active area (Yang) or a quiet area (Yin)?”  Select colors that support the room’s purpose.  Warm colors support activity and cool colors support rest.

4 – What are your unique color preferences at this time?  Preferences change with time.  Honor your preferences at this time because they’ll make you feel good in the space.

5 – Look at photos in magazines and cut out colors that inspire you – from nature, from interior décor, and from anything else that gives you energy (energy is a key to knowing when a color is right for you).

6 – Stand back and view the room from another room.  Remember that the color you choose should relate to the rest of your home so your space feels connected and flows easily.

 Next time – where to go from here – Creating Your Color Palette!

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