How Healthy is Your Home?

Let’s face it.  From the moment you leave your driveway each morning, you are likely to encounter stressful situations.  Whether it’s trying to find the shortest line in the grocery store, interacting with co-workers, or just trying to find a parking space, stress can affect you if you’re not able to cope with it effectively. 

Increasingly, our society is experiencing anxiety, allergies, depression and fatigue. Now, more than ever before, your home needs to be your sanctuary.  You need to feel comforted and supported in your home as well as inspired to step out and make your unique contribution in the world.

Unfortunately, many of us feel depleting energy connected to our homes that leaves us feeling tired with recurrent illnesses, long term poor health, and relationship or financial issues.

The level of pollution in our homes can be high, both from the chemicals used in the household and on our carpets and furniture but also from the electro smog from the computers, wi-fi and mobile phones we use. All of these contribute to a lowering of our immune systems leading to a reduction in our vitality and zest for life.

If you’ve got a lot of clutter in your home, if your furnishings don’t inspire you, or if you just don’t feel comfortable with the way your home feels, creating a healthier home can change your life. 

Homes not only hold the patterns of our own thinking and experience of life but also can be affected by the experiences of those who have lived there before and the history of land on which they are built.

The health of your home consists of:

  1. The land it’s built on.
  2. The materials used to construct your house.
  3. The floor plan and amount of natural light in your home.
  4. The décor and furnishings.
  5. The amount of clutter you have.
  6. The emotional energy stored in the home from you and from the past residents. (Were past residents happy and healthy in the home?  Why did they move?)
  7. Household products you use.
  8. Electro-magnetic energy.

If you experience headaches, low energy, depression, stress, anxiety, allergies, digestive problems or have long term health issues such as chronic fatigue cancer you can help your health by making  positive changes in your home.

Removing toxicity, redecorating your home, and creating better energy flow by removing clutter can make a significant improvement to your health, but also your wealth and relationships.  If you’ve got questions about how to make your home healthier, please leave me a comment.  I’d be happy to help!

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