Home Staging 101 – Good Smells Sell Homes

One of the most common and costly mistakes you can make when selling your home is not paying attention to the smells in your home.  When a prospective buyer opens the front door, they’ll be hit with your home’s unique odors.  They’ll form a first impression based on whether they experience a pleasing smell, or if something immediately turns them off.  The importance of smell can’t be underestimated because it’s nearly impossible to change a first impression.

Here are 7 Important Staging Guidelines to Help you Sell your Home Quickly:

1.  Don’t try to cover-up odors, instead, do all you can to reduce them.  Buyers are generally turned-off by strong air fresheners and if you don’t remove the offending odor, they’ll not only smell it but they’ll also smell the room freshener.  Double trouble!

2. Take out the trash often.  Even if the trashcan is hidden under the sink or in a closet, it’s best to simply keep the trash empty when showing your home. 

3. If you smoke inside the house stop, start smoking outside only.  Non-smokers immediately pick up on cigarette smoke.  If you’ve got years of built-up smoke you may need to re-paint, clean the carpet and drapes, and clean the air-ducts.  And open the windows for several hours to dispel energy and clean the air.

 4.  Don’t cook before a buyer comes to see your home because cooking odors can linger and will create a reaction.  You don’t want to risk the buyer having a negative reaction.  The only exception is baking bread or pastry – which is a terrific way to enhance a buyer’s experience of your home.

 5.  The best air fresheners to use are those with natural scents like citrus or spices like vanilla and cinnamon.

 6.   To keep things natural-smelling you can heat cinnamon sticks in boiling water before a showing.  Also, cut up oranges, lemons or limes and place them in a bowl in the kitchen.

 7.  Wash your pet often.  Keep pet bedding clean and diligently clean any “messes” that may have occurred between showings.

 Best Wishes for a quick and profitable sale!

2 responses to “Home Staging 101 – Good Smells Sell Homes

  1. As a Feng Shui practitioner and real estate agent in Charlotte, NC, I can totally back up what has been said in this fine article. I even teach a 3-day workshop on this material, and the 5 Senses are huge for getting a buyer to be attracted.

    I also use a lot of cinnamon in my homes as it is a more Yang smell, universally recognized, and keeps buyers more focused. The last thing you want is a buyer to not be focused and miss the fine points of your home.

    Great article…thanks,
    Steve Kodad
    Wilkinson & Associates Real Estate
    Charlotte, NC

  2. Thanks for taking the time of your day to share this comment Steve and nice to “meet” another Feng Shui Realtor. Eg

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