Easy Feng Shui Design Tips for a Small Space

In small environments use color and furniture arrangement to keep the space open and energy flowing.   Using the same colors throughout, but in different shades you can create a harmonious space with great Feng Shui.  Using the tips below will help your space feel open and in balance.

1- Think of the whole space as your palette rather than room by room.  Use one neutral color thoroughout the space and add color with accessories.  I recommend Benjamin Moore’s Barely Beige as a great neutral palette for walls.

2- Each room should relate to each other.  Use the same two or three accent colors in each room. Base your accent colors on one pair of complimentay colors.  Here’s an example:  brown, beige, red, and green.  You can slightly use different shades of these colors in different rooms and throw in another color in a room if you want, keeping the same palette and just adding to it.

Complimentary colors are:

 Red & Green  /  Yellow & Purple  /  Blue & Orange

3- Neutral-colored furniture is best for small spaces.  Add vibrancy in a room by using one piece of furniture with color.  For example, if your palette is beige, brown, blue and orange, a good addition to the décor could be a blue chair or an animal-print ottoman.

4- Mirrors are a great way to open up the space.  They are particularly beneficial placed on walls opposite windows so they can reflect the outside.

5- Use size-appropriate furniture for a small space.  Big, bulky, and heavy furniture is inappropriate.  Use lightweight, clean lines, and multifunctional pieces.  To see how a piece of furniture fits in the room before you buy it, use masking tape to outline the furniture on the floor.

6- Add coziness with soft drapery panels, pillows on couches, throw blankets and small area rugs.

7- If you don’t have a foyer by your front door create one by placing a rectangular or circular area rug in front of the door and a console table on the wall closest to the front door with a square or rectangular-shaped piece of art above it.  (A mirror would work well too).

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  1. where can I get this table?

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