Balance any Room with these Five Feng Shui Principles

Balance any room in your home using simple Feng Shui principles.  Create instant balance by using the principles below.

1. Place your longest piece of furniture against the longest wall of a room.  Usually, this will be a couch, bed, dresser, or media center.  If all your furniture is about the same size, you can create a vignette by placing a few pieces of furniture against the wall such as two chairs and a side table in the middle.

 2.  Ensure both sides of the room are balanced.  Balance the largest piece of furniture in the room with equal weight on the other side.   For example, you could balance a couch on one side with a media cabinet on the other side.  If you have an architectural feature such as a wall of windows, a fireplace, or built-in bookshelves on one side that you can balance the room with artwork or a large piece of furniture on the other side of the room. 

 3.  Ensure there’s balance on each piece of furniture.  For example, if you’ve got a night-stand on each side of your bed, the items on each night-stand should be balanced.  They don’t have to be perfectly matched, they just need the same basic weight. Also look for balance with pillows on couches, accessories on table-tops, and books on bookshelves.

4.  Balance the yin/yang qualities in the room. If you’ve got masculine (dark/heavy) furniture in a room, balance it by adding feminine items that have flowing lines and lighter colors.   If you’ve got predominately feminine  (flowing/light-colored) accessories add a bit of brown, black or heavy-weight objects for balance.  Area-rugs and artwork are perfect accessories to use to balance furniture and wall-color.  Have large pieces of furniture?  Use brightly colored area rugs or artwork to create lightness and balance.  Have European or modern furniture?  Add artwork or rugs in warm earth colors such as yellow and brown to balance the room.

 5. You’ll know you’ve hit the “sweet-spot” when you walk into a room and feel “AHHH!”   Your body intuitively feels energy and if it’s balanced, you’ll know it.  This is the essence of Feng Shui!

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