Five Simple Feng Shui Fixes

If you’re familiar with Feng Shui, it may seem that there are a lot of “no-no’s.”  If you found that your home has several Feng Shui issues, rest assured, there are always ways to mitigate a problem. Feng Shui is really quite flexible, and every situation is different because every home is different.  And if you find that you’ve got a Feng Shui issue but you’re not experiencing difficulty in your life, then don’t worry about creating a fix.  (If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!)

Here are five common Feng Shui Rules and suggestions for remedying the problem.

Rule 1 – A stairway shouldn’t face the front door.

This is a common problem and can drain your finances because energy can rush out the front door.  The solution? Simply don’t keep the front door open very much – use another door more often if possible.  You can place a mirror on the wall in the stairway facing upstairs to help slow the energy.  Also, place an entry rug with warm colors in it by the front door to help gather energy.

Rule 2 – The front door shouldn’t be in alignment with the back door.  This can be harmful to finances. If this is true in your home, simply don’t keep both doors open at the same time.  Also, you may put a buffer between the doors with furniture or by hanging drapes or a shade on the back door.

Rule 3 – Don’t position your bed in front of the bedroom door.

This is referred to as the “corpse position” and sounds scary doesn’t it? This rule is derived from the way corpses were carried out of a room in ancient times – feet first, towards the door.  Truth is, when the bed is in front of any door and the door is open, the rushing energy will hit you as you’re in bed and can cause sleep disturbances.  If this is unavoidable due to the size of the room, simply keep the door closed when you’re in bed to solve the problem.

Rule 4 – Don’t sit with your back to the door. 

Besides being conditioned in our reptilian brain to ensure safety from enemies it’s best to place your desk against a wall so that you sit facing outwards. Sitting with a wall behind you supports you and enables to relax.  However, because of computer wiring and the shape of a room, it’s not always possible to sit with your back to the wall.  If this is true for you, simply affix a small mirror to your computer screen so you can see who is coming in the room.

Rule 5 – Don’t sit or sleep under exposed beams in the ceiling. 

Exposed beams can cause an uneven distribution of energy which can hinder relaxation.  If you’ve got beams in the ceiling, but don’t have trouble sleeping, then don’t worry about trying to solve this problem.  If you feel uncomfortable or unable to relax, you can drape material over the beams or you can paint them the same color as the ceiling to lessen the energy movement.

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