Uncovering Blocks to Abundance and Transforming, Part 2


Abundance emanates from energy flow.  You exchange energy through giving and receiving.  If you’re blocked by limiting mind paradigms, most of which are created unwittingly in your childhood, you aren’t able to give and receive fully.  It’s your birthright as a Spiritual Being to have all you need.  No one is better or less than you are.  No one deserves more or less than you do.  The universe supplies more than enough if you remove your limiting beliefs about what you “deserve.”

Mind paradigms that block you are like tapes you play in your head from your childhood…from what you heard your parents or mentors sa.   These tapes unconsciously act on you.  Things like:  there’s only so much; get it while you can;  life is hard;  I don’t deserve it;  I don’t have enough; and I won’t have enough.

Mind paradigms that free you to soak in abundance: 

1-  I am connected to everyone and everything in the Universe and beyond and all my needs are taken care of.

 2- I now receive abundance which flows from the Divine Source.

 3- All that I need comes easily to me now.

 4- I am open to giving and receiving abundantly.

 5- The Universe provides more than I need.

Changing the way you think and re-programming your old tapes is the key to changing your life.  Recalibrate the way you relate to the world and shine the light on old thought patterns.  Find out what’s at the root of these thought patterns for a lasting paradigm shift. 

You may experience an “ah-hah” moment when you dig down into your unconscious thoughts and see what’s been driving you.  Uncover these beliefs, accept that you didn’t know better, and then replace with the Truth.

For example, if you believe there’s only so much that can go around, it may be because you were taught not to trust in the abundance of the universe and you were never told that you are a Spiritual Being whose birthright is abundance.   

Use your affirmations daily and get curious about any resistance you have believing them.  Repeating positive affirmations along with honest introspection will enable you to begin to open your energy to abundance.  Enjoy it, it’s yours!

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