Buying a New Home? Ten Feng Shui Guidelines to help to choose a great home.

crowncrest buyer1.    Look for the surrounding area to give you the “armchair” form. Your home should feel like it is sitting nestled in the seat of a nice comfy armchair with support in the back, strong arms on each side, and a level seat, with the area in front open and unobstructed.

2.     The house should not be located too high above the street or too low below the street.

3.    Streets that have light traffic which moves slowly are preferable to high traffic areas.  And look for gently winding streets to bring energy to you easier than straight streets do.

4.     It is preferable not to have a house on a  “T” junction.

5.    The master bedroom is best located in the back of the house and on the ground floor.

 6.    The house will be more likely to enjoy prosperity if it has an open floor plan which allows plenty of area for circulation.

 7.    To avoid conflict between parents and children, it is best to avoid having their respective bedroom doors facing each other.

8.     The house will bring more joy if it is light and bright with plenty of windows.

 9.    It is better for prosperity not to have a staircase directly facing the front door.

 10.  A curved walkway to the front door rather than a straight path is desirable.  Avoid homes with trees blocking the front door.

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