Survival Guide for your next move. Don’t leave home without it!

Welcome MatI’ve just moved. In 100+ degree heat here in Austin, Texas.  Although this is not my first move, I seem to have forgotten or perhaps never had a list of  ways to survive a move. I went through lots of challenges including; a buyer that had second thoughts about buying my home and postponed the closing to the eleventh hour; 30 hours spent trying to get my phone lines functional;  sore back, wrists, legs; losing my dogs for two hours; losing my temper and my sense of humor at the same time; and of course, losing sleep.

Here’s my Survival Guide for getting through your next move easier.

  1. ENSURE that you have lots to eat and drink at your old home and your new.  Easy, grab-able nutritious treats like breakfast bars, trail-mix, apples, bananas, raisins, pretzels and oatmeal cookies work well.
  2. YOU KNOW the last bit of stuff left after the movers leave your old house that you’ll just swing by and pick up?  Don’t underestimate how much stuff you may have left.   And check the movers before they leave your home for the last time to ensure they don’t anything you wanted them to move!
  3. GIVE yourself at least twice the amount of time you think it will take to contact phone, cable, electricity, etc.  Don’t plan anything else the least bit taxing around the times you’ll need to interact with these folks.
  4. IF your friends say “If you need anything just call”  take them up on that. 
  5. DON’T isolate.  Have contact with other people other than your partner and your service providers.
  6. THROW away things you don’t need (before you move) but if don’t have time, don’t stress about it, know that you can get rid of things as you unpack.
  7. AS MUCH as possible, plan time segments to work and to rest or play.  Don’t try to get everything unpacked and put away in three days! 
  8. REMEMBER the concept of  balance.  Take care of yourself emotionally, physically, and probably most important, spiritually.
  9. IF you’re having “one of those days or one of those hours” try to dig deep and find your sense of humor
  10. AND don’t buy a lot of new furniture and accessories until you have unpacked and lived in the house longer than a few days.

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