Do I really need a receipt for a pack of gum?

New ImageI’m noticing myself getting increasing irritated at having to tell cashiers at grocery stores and convenience stores “I don’t want the receipt.”   Is it just me that thinks in this debit-card, eco-conscious world it’s time to rethink the idea of giving out paper receipts for a bottle of water and pack of gum?  Or for a burger from the drive-through? 

Cashiers usually plop the receipt in my hand along with my change or hold it out for me to retrieve.  I then have to figure out where to put it in order to put my change back into your wallet.  I can throw it into my already unorganized purse, toss it onto the floorboard of my car, or find a trash can and immediately throw it away.  Granted, it doesn’t take much effort to do any of these things, but when I’m having a particularly busy day, even the simple task of dealing with the receipt feels like a major annyonance.

In these days of credit and debit cards a purchase will automatically be reflected in your monthly statement so you don’t need to diligently bring your receipts home and keep them safe.  With all the recent eco-conscious programs – particularly in Austin – why do we need to waste paper on printing out a receipt for a pack of gum and a bottle of water?  Don’t get me wrong, I still want receipts for non-perishable big-ticket items in case I need to return something.  But it feels impractical and grossly out-dated to keep handing out receipts that (I think) in most cases are simply thrown away.

 Am I the only one that’s having a problem with this?  Does this bother you? I’d love to know what you do with your receipts.

3 responses to “Do I really need a receipt for a pack of gum?

  1. broadthinking

    Completely agree!

    Einstein’s Bagels has a store policy where the cashier MUST give you a receipt (or you get your purchase free). I asked why and “store policy” was the only response. This from a store that prominently features a “Recycle” bin next to the regular trash.

  2. Receipts provide proof of payment for the buyer – it’s really the ONLY proof you have that you paid for something. I take mine home, save them if it’s for something I may return or exchange, otherwise recycle them.

    As far as you having “to figure out where to put it in order to put my change back into your wallet,” I’m always happy to have someone else putting change in my wallet! ; )


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