Get greener with these inexpensive home projects.

FrontWho isn’t aware of the influence of green movement today? Green is a term widely used to describe buildings designed and constructed with minimal negative impact to the environment and with an emphasis on conservation of resources, energy efficiency, and healthful interior spaces.  In Austin, you can’t escape news stories about the latest green initiatives.  And with the current economy, it makes sense to save on energy efficiency by using green ideas to trim energy bills.

Here are a few inexpensive green home projects which might perk your interest in going greener.

  1. Clean your refrigerator coils.

  2. Replace weatherstripping.

  3. Install a programmable thermostat.

  4. Insulate hot-water pipes.

  5. Install a clothes-line.

  6. A tube-type skylight.

  7. Install a recirculating pump under your sink.

The Green Home Guide Web site is a valuable resource if you’re interested in green remodeling.  Taking small steps which are practical to your household is a balanced way to implement green in your home today.

2 responses to “Get greener with these inexpensive home projects.

  1. broadthinking

    Thanks for reminding me about weatherstripping – my back door needs some serious revamping.

    As to clotheslines, our homeowners association forbids them. And on the one hand, I can understand it, but if it can’t be seen from the street?

    I even had a neighbor object when I left some towels (leftover from dog washing) on the fence to dry. Not in my backyard indeed!

  2. my house the biggest problems were areas that weren’t sealed correctly…doors and HVAC equipment. Thanks for commenting!

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