Solar screening seriously helps keep you cool.

10 ways - WindowsI recently had solar screens installed on all the windows on the back of my home.   I liked the east-west orientation of my home so I could see the sunsets in the evening.  The sunsets are lovely.   However, during the summer months (and here in Texas that could be from May through October) the incessant sun rays coming in from the western wall of windows is oppressive and financially draining.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get the solar screens, but I can’t say enough about how well they are keeping my home cool. 

The screens come in different degrees of screening ability.  I chose the highest amount of screening which is 90%.  You can get less screening and still receive benefits.   It’s going to depend on how much the sun blazes into your home and how much darkening you can live with.  The screens definitely have a darkening effect on the interior of your home.  The 90% are quite dark and I couldn’t live in a home with the screens on all the windows -the front of the house has regular screens on it which let in the full amount of light.

I love lots of windows and lots of sunlight and but I’m happier having a cooler home.  I’m told that sun screens are less expensive than window tinting, and the City of Austin is offering rebates for the screening.  I suggest you consider doing one or the other.  If you don’t think you can live with the darkening affect of the screens, window tinting is a great alternative.

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