Feng Shui 101 – Find the Foyer

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a house through a front door that opens directly into a living or dining room?  Did it feel unnatural or awkward to you?  Would you feel more comfortable entering a restaurant with a hostess area rather than walking directly into the dining room?     

Having a front door directly opening into a home (or restaurant) contradicts the principles of Feng Shui. Why?  Because energy (“chi”) flows into a house through the front door and it’s best not to have it rushing in,  it’s best to gather it in a foyer, then let it gently flow into the rest of the house.  When guests enter and depart, doesn’t it inherently feel better to have a foyer in which you can greet them and then send them off?   As you receive guests through the front door, you also receive chi.  Even though you can’t see chi you can feel it.  Thinking of chi as a flowing current may help you see that a gradual flow is more natural than a rushing current.

“Comfort or discomfort is an intuitive reaction to energy that feels wrong.  It is bad Feng Shui.”

The essence of Feng Shui is creating environments that feel comfortable so you can relax in that space.  One way to create comfort is to ensure energy flows gently throughout your home.  Feng Shui empowers you to make changes if your home needs help in areas.  So if you’re reading this and think you have to move because you don’t have a proper foyer, you don’t!  There are almost always ways to create better Feng Shui in any area of your home. 

If your front door opens directly into a room, you can create a foyer by using furniture, an area rug, a bench, planters and a little creativity to make a small transitional area. I just helped a client with this.  Her front door opened to the living room.  She had a wall on the right side but we needed to create a boundary on the left side to create a transitional space.  We placed a waist-high bookshelf on the left side of the door and added an entry rug in front of the door to create a delineated space between the entryway and the living room.  She still doesn’t have a foyer, but the feeling you now get from entering the house is a lot more comfortable.

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