Feng Shui 101 – Let’s Start with the Front of your Home.

10 ways - Front Door

Energy flow to your front door is important.

Did you know that both interior and exterior features of your home affect your health, wealth, and relationships?  The lot your house is built on, the direction your front door faces, and neighboring homes and streets all have an influence on your life.  Let’s start with the front of your home, the side that’s facing the street.

Feng Shui systems are complex, but they’re also logical and practical.  In Feng Shui, it’s best to have the front door of your home facing the street rather than sideways.  The front door then is able to capture energy flow in front of your home easier than if it were turned to the side.  Feng Shui is all about good energy flow.  Think of the front of your home as being your face.  You don’t want to walk around with your head turned to one side – it’s not natural.  The same is true for a side-facing front door.

And if your front door faces the side, don’t worry, you don’t have to move, just ensure that shrubs and bushes in front of the door are short and allow energy to flow.   Don’t block the front door of your home, wherever it’s located, with large bushes, trees, and “stuff” which prevent it from receiving energy.  Think energy flow.

It’s best to have a meandering or organically-shaped front pathway to your door rather than a straight walk pointing directly at the front door.  Can you feel why?  Organic shapes help you receive more flowing energy when people walk to the door rather than a rush of energy.  Also, it’s important to keep the walkway free of debris.  Debris is devoid of life force energy and will “bring you down.” 

Yin-Yang Symbol

Balance is important in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui also emphasizes balance.  Landscaping should be balanced.  For example,  if you have a medium-sized tree on one side of your yard but not on the other, add equal weight by adding a boulder, gravel and plants or a water feature or a bench with landscaping around it.  Balance one side with the other.  

The right side of your home looking out from the front door corresponds to yin energy, female energy.  The left side corresponds to male, yang energy.  Ensure that dead shrubs are removed immediately so they can’t negatively affect the health of anyone in your home. And look at your neighbor’s homes on each side.  If there’s a large home on the left, it will support males more than the females, vice-versa if this occurs on the right side.  How to remedy this?  Place more weight (landscaping)  on the weaker side for balance.

If you have a front patio, discard anything that’s old, dead, and worn-out such as front door mats, deteriorating wicker furniture and half-alive plants. And like the eyes on your face, keep your front windows to keep your vision open.  Balance and healthy energy flow are the keys to a healthy home.  Start in the front yard.

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