Take a Close Look at Green Cleaning Products.

Koi FishGreen housekeeping methods and cleaning products are components of maintaining a green lifestyle.  However, did you know that no standards exist for labeling a cleaning product as green?  Or that there are no requirements for disclosing all product ingredients?  And that unlike food products, the order of ingredients listed doesn’t necessarily represent relative amounts? 

“Greenwashing” is the practice of making green claims without verifiable positive effect on the environment.

Avoid cleaning products with vague, generic descriptions that leave room for interpretation.  For example:

  • “Natural” – May actually include petroleum, toxic, and synthetic substances as some naturally occurring substances are highly toxic.
  • “Safe” – Does this mean it’s safe for the environment and human health?
  • “Biodegradable” – Is it the product or the package or both that will break down naturally?  How long will this take?
  • “Eco-friendly” – Does this mean it’s made from plants?  Or that it’s recyclable or has less packaging?

Without formal standardization, these organizations are taking matters into their own hands and certifying cleaning and other products claiming to be green:

  • Green Seal  www.greenseal.org   Certifies and tests products.
  • EPA- Design for the Environment – www.epa.gov/dfe  Recognizes companies that commit to the use of safer ingredients.

Personally, I don’t want to find out that something I was doing to save the environment and be eco-conscious has actually had the opposite effect.  I’m taking a closer look at my choices for household cleaning products.

6 responses to “Take a Close Look at Green Cleaning Products.

  1. Green products are a great business, so no wonder cheating, scam and tricks are present too…

  2. Normal cleaning products pollute the Earth so much. Earth-friendly cleaning products are important to the well-being of the planet. Plus, they smell great and work really well!

    Please visit http://ourgreenbook.com/. It includes other great products and services that are considered “eco-friendly”.

  3. When discussing green, it is always good to know the definition. Green is no longer a trend, it is a reality.

  4. If you are going to be green, you have to get everybody on the bus.
    To get everyone to come to agreement involves two key issues:

    1. Each person or stakeholder must agree that they want a green cleaning program.

    2. An agreement as to just what is a green cleaning program


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