Adding balance in your life helps balance the planet.


How does creating a “greener” lifestyle add balance to your life?   Most folks find it hard to create balance in their lives because of the daily demands of career, family, and endless list of “to-do’s”. Going greener and becoming conscious of lifestyle choices may seem like just another thing on your to-do list, but it can be easy and can make you feel good.  It’s rewarding to take steps to balance your use of resources on the planet.  Making choices that benefit the planet will also benefit you — saving you money and supporting your health.  Taking baby steps toward a greener lifestyle can be simple and can help you save money and support your health.  For example:

  • Next time you have to replace a light bulb, choose a Compact Fluorescent Bulb.  It uses less energy than a traditional light bulb. 
  • Choosing low VOC paint when painting interior walls causes less toxicity in the air you breathe and it will lessen the impact on your health.
  • Need a new dishwasher? Buying energy-star rated appliances can save you money in the long run.
  • Installing a radiant barrier in your home and using window screens or window tinting on windows helps balance heat and cooling and helps the house stay cooler.  For more information about radiant barriers, go to
  • Using less toxic cleaning supplies no longer means you need to sacrifice effectiveness and they’re safer for your health.  Look at the label to see if they are environmentally-friendly.
  • When you have a choice, pick products that have been recycled.

Green living is about consciously making lifestyle choices that have minimal impact on the planet. Balancing the needs of humans to survive and live comfortably in their homes with the need to have a healthy planet can be simple and rewarding both for your pocketbook and your satisfaction with life.

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