Ten Easy Ways to Create a Great First Impression when Selling your Home.


Selling your home?  Did you know that it takes a home buyer only ten seconds to form a first impression?  Ensure your home creates a positive first impression and makes a buyer happy by applying these ten simple suggestions based on art and science of Feng Shui.  It’s your attention to the details that will help your home outshine the competition. 

Keep personal messages to a minimum when selling your home.

The front door and door mat greatly influence a buyer's first impression of your home.

1- Remove dead plants in the front yard.

 2- Add colorful flowers to flower beds or plant flowers in terracotta pots and place in sparse areas of your yard.

 3- When looking at the front yard from the street, ensure that each side of the yard is balanced with landscaping or yard furniture.

 4- Keep your pathway free of debris.  Sweep daily.

 5- Keep the front door sparkling clean and repaint it if necessary. 

 6- If your front door mat is more than a couple weeks old, replace it with a new colorful mat.  It’s best not to have personal sentiments on it, except for things like “welcome” or “glad you’re here.”

 7- Potted flowers on each side of the doorway are welcoming but ensure that the leaves are rounded…no cactus!

 8- Wipe off patio furniture daily and remove cobwebs from underneath overhangs.

 9-Powerwash your home if practical.

 10- A yard ornament with a cheerful message can help create a positive impression, but avoid personal messages.

So after checking off this list, you’ve got a buyer excited about your home and eager to see more, congratulations!  Stay tuned for information about the next “first impression” — what happens when a buyer steps inside.

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